Old Computer Challenge

Year 4

2024 occ poster

now with a forum!

Join us on the 13th of July for the 4th annual Old Computer Challenge. The event that will make you question the definition of the word obsolete.

announcement of this year's challenge


The topic of this year's OCC is DIY. Get inspired from previous years and other challengees to craft your own OCC experience!

This year also features a php forum, where you can share your experiences and adventures - the classic php bboard that is compatible with probably every web browser.

The Challengees

Following is the list of Old Computer Challengees and the chronicling of their experiences:

Just like last year, you can submit your blog, gopher hole or gemini capsule, through our nc submission. Just run the following code and replace https://my.site with the url of your page:

$ echo "/cgi-bin/submit?https://my.site" | nc occ.deadnet.se 70

You can also manually submit your page through the occ gopher hole here or here (http proxy).

Keep up:

Get inspired by fellow old computer enthusiasts and challenge yourself to survive with old tech. You might learn something new along the way.