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2022 - 60 minutes of internet

poster for 2022 occ [the poster in full size]

The 2022 edition focused on limited internet time. The idea was to recreate the experience of the old time of RTC modems with a monthly time budget. Again, the duration of the challenge was one week, from 10th to 17th July 2022.

The challenge rules for this edition were easy: you are allowed to connect your computer to the Internet for a maximum accumulated time of 1h per day, from 10th to 17th July included. This means you can connect six times for ten minutes, twice for thirty minutes, or once for one hour in the day.

Again, for the participants it was a challenging experience. The rules of the challenge resulted in an unexpected side effect. It allowed for limited interaction on the IRC channel. Other than that, people were positive about having attended.

Participants' blogs and notes

2021 - 512M of RAM

The challenge of 2021 was the first edition, with the following rules:

The challenge took place from 10th July morning until 17th July morning.

At the end of the challenge it turned out that the participants were all very positive about the experience.