Old Computer Challenge

Year 3

the machine is not timeless

Old Computer Challenge week in 2023 ended, but nothing is stopping you from participating on your own whenever you please!

See this year's challengees notes and journals, or submit your own.

semiposter for 2023 occ

10th - 16th July

This year's public challengees:

This is the list of all the users' notes we know of. Think your blog, phlog, or gemini should be on this list? Let us know in the irc channel, or tag prahou or matto on mastodon. You can also submit a URL to your site through our gopher: gopher://occ.deadnet.se/1/users and select SUBMIT YOUR SITE. (it doesn't have to be just a gopher hole.)

You can quickly submit a URL with this command:

If you do not have your own gopher hosting and would like a place to document your old computer challenge experiences, you can get an account with occ.deadnet.se. Check the gopher link for more information:


The list of all journals on all protocols. You can find only gopher holes and gemini capsules here and there:

The list:

Mailing list

Tekk has made a mailing list. Subscribe at ~tekk/old-computer-challenge@lists.sr.ht

Make obsolete (machines) divine again

See you soon.